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Glass-tare production, Ukrainian producer of the bottles for drinks
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«VOLNOGORSKOYE STEKLO» - is one of the largest manufacturers of glass-tare in Ukraine and it is located in the central part of the country namely in Volnogorsk in Dnepropetrovsk region.

«VOLNOGORSKOYE STEKLO» - for today is a unique enterprise of such segment of the market in Ukraine that at once produces the glass-tare in three colours that is green, olive (there is no one else who produce it) and transparent one. Recently after putting into operation a new line of the transparent glass-tare making «VOLNOGORSKOYE STEKLO» formalized its leadership in Ukraine and in the total production capacity. The company controls more than 40% of the glass-tare for wines' and sparkling wines' bottling. Today there is produced a wide range of products marked by «VOLNOGORSKOYE STEKLO» brand such as a bottle for champagne, white vodka bottle, green and olive wine bottles, white jar. Monthly there are produced around 30 million of bottles (21 millions of white bottles, 6 millions of green and 3 millions of olive ones) that means they produce approximately 1 million of bottles per 24 day or near 360 millions in a year.

For almost three years the company has gained prestige because of the quality of Volnogorsk production and its competitiveness as well as well-thought-out marketing strategy, active sale policy and, of course, professionalism of the staff, its diligence and persistence in the goal achievement. Having at its disposal four furnaces and 9 lines the factory took the leading positions in the production capacity, enlarged its assortment to 100 names and become the only one enterprise in Ukraine who makes production of such a rich colour spectrum.

The products' quality has a very important place in the strategy of «VOLNOGORSKOYE STEKLO», directed to the active achievements of new positions on the market. For example a bottle of champagne must withstand a pressure of 17 atmospheres. Volnogorskaya bottle withstands all 30 atmospheres. There are bought lines for special hot and cold coating to improve the commodity look of the bottle. The make better the outward appearance of the product and improve its strengthening characteristics. On the factory there are installed French machines M1 that without assistance of a man control the glass quality according to 12 parameters. Any divergence of parameter results in the product rejection. The list of the Volnogorsk glass-tare products' consumers is self-explanatory one, as follows: Artiomovsky champagne factory, Odessky champagne factory, and Volnogorsk bottle is used for such trade marks as Frantzuzsky bulvar, Massandra, Inkerman, Koblevo, Zolotaya amphora, Kniazhy grad, Logos, Iceberg, Koktebel, Olimp, Khortitza, Shake.
Volnogorsk bottle of champagne is preferred by Kievsky champagne factory (for export production) and by Sojuz-Victan. TM Veres who is a famous domestic producer of the food products actively buys the jar twist-off.

In «VOLNOGORSKOYE STEKLO» Ltd they developed a wide range of glass-tare of classic as well as of original forms. By request of the customer the factory offers its services of design study and producing of an exclusive bottle trying to materialize the customer's ideas and demands to the maximum. On the factory there is a high-capacity design office and advanced production basis for the development and manufacture of the forms for glass industry.

In VOLNOGORSKOYE STEKLO, Ltd to fulfil the strategy of its development on August of the current year they plan putting into operation of one more furnace for making of the colourless glass with a productivity of 160 tons per 24 day.
Now the project is in the stage of 75% readiness. In such a way the company confidently moves to its main goal to bring the production capacity to 700 tons of glass per day and to occupy a leading position in some basic segments of the food glass-tare market.

In «VOLNOGORSKOYE STEKLO» Ltd they have started a work of mastering of the international quality standards of ISO 9000 series.

Our Volnogorsk company is opened for contacts and we are ready with pleasure and pride to demonstrate its achievements to all persons interested.


31, Promyshlennaya St., Volnogorsk,
Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine,
tel. . +380 56 734-93-70