Glass-tare production, Ukrainian producer of the bottles for drinks

«VOLNOGORSKOYE STEKLO» - is one of the largest manufacturers of glass-tare in Ukraine...further

«VOLNOGORSKOYE STEKLO» - for today is a unique enterprise of such segment of the market in Ukraine that at once produces the glass-tare in three colours that is green, olive (there is no one else who produce it) and transparent one…further

«VOLNOGORSKOYE STEKLO» - is one of the largest manufacturers of glass-tare in Ukraine and it is located in the central part of the country namely in Volnogorsk in Dnepropetrovsk region…further


In the company we started a production of mixer-dissolvers meant for making of high- and middle-filled paints, fillings, sealants, dispersion and mixture of pigments, dyes and so on…further

In November 2004 there is put into operation a glass-melting furnace for producing of the colourless glass with a capacity of 190 tons per day. With a startup of this furnace «VOLNOGORSKOYE STEKLO» factory achieved a summary capacity of 530 tons of glass per day.

We finish works of the assembling of a glass-melting furnace number 5 with a capacity of 160 tons per day. Startup is planned to the August 2005.


31, Promyshlennaya St., Volnogorsk,
Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine,
tel./fax +38 (05653) 5-28-78, 5-25-97, 3-50-70