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« Mixer-dissolver of the mechanical mixing ВС- is designed for making of high- and middle-filled paints, dispersion and mixture of pigments, dyes and other materials of middle hardness in the liquid mediums other materials of the middle hardness in the liquid mediums (varnish, drying oil, water, etc.). The mixer can be used in varnish-and-paint, polygraphic and other industry branches. Mixer BC-4 meets all the technical standards qualified for the mentioned category of mixers and provides the stability of the quality coefficients of the processed mixtures.

Rotation frequency of the high-speed cogged mixer
       (regulated by the frequency transformer), 0-2000 rotations per minute

Working facilities:
       portable vessel capacity, m3 — 0,45-0,90
        material property — corrosion-resisting

Total regulation power, kilowatt — 35

Productivity is 6-8 tons per one shift

Overall dimensions:
       length — 1950 mm
       width — 1200 mm
       height — 2500 mm
       height with the frame lifted — 3000 mm
       weight is not more than — 1100 kg

Supply complete set:
       Mixer ready-assembled — 1
       Portable vessel (bowl) — 1
       Power panel — 1

Technical documents:
       Mixer operating manual — 1
       Hydrostation certificate — 1
       Reduction gear certificate — 1
       ZIP — 1


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