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Machine for unloading of paintwork materials from the bowl. Press is designed for extrusion of the middle, high-viscosity and thick masses out of the bowls with a capacity of 500 liters. In technological line press can be used jointly with mixer BC-3 or other similar equipment in the producing of pigment pastes, fillings, glues, sealants, cosmetic products.

Capacity of the vessel (bowl) for the mass extrusion, m3 — 0,5

Piston drive — hydraulic

Unloading capacity, liter/minute — 10-50

Regulation of the conveying speed — manual

Mass residue in the bowl is not more than, % — 2

Force made by hydro system, kg/sm2 — 100

Installed capacity, kilowatt — 1,5

Overall dimensions:
       length, not more than — 1100 мм
       width, not more than — 1800 мм
       height, not more than — 2500 мм
       weight, not more than — 1080 кг


31, Promyshlennaya St., Volnogorsk,
Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine,
tel. +380 56 734-93-70